“I wish the clouds could bear my weight so I could run across them"

Alessandro Fusari, in art Alfi, is an Italian artist who ranges from painting to illustration, from sculpture to street art. In 2012, the news of a cancer led Alessandro Fusari to create his first work. From there, the creation of 'another' world, populated by whales with a cold, the little whale, symbol of his illness, and cute monsters with explosive tones. It was in these early years that the artist decided to post these colourful creatures on the walls of his city, and Brescia thus became the manifesto of his artistic expression. Noticed by the local and national press, he was called upon for his first international exhibition at Art Expo New York in 2015. Twenty exhibitions were held throughout his career. At the same time, ALFI began to collaborate with national and international brands in the field of fashion and design, experimenting with new synergies.
” It was December 2016 and that sailing truck seemed very sad, a bit dull, and so it was that for the first time I intervened outside the canvas by defacing a Moira Orfei poster. “